G2P works as an integrative environment offering comprehensive, unbiased evaluation analyses of the 16 GS models, which may be run in parallel on high-performance computing clusters. Based on the evaluation outcome, G2P performs auto-ensemble algorithms that not only can automatically select the most precise models but also can integrate prediction results from multiple models. This functionality should further improve the precision of G2P prediction. Another noteworthy function is the refinement design of the training set, in which G2P optimizes the training set based on the genetic diversity analysis of a studied population. Although the training samples in the optimized set are fewer than in the original set, the prediction precision is almost equivalent to that obtained when using the whole set. This functionality is quite useful in practice, as it reduces the cost of phenotyping when constructing training population. The G2P container and source codes are freely accessible at https://g2p-env.github.io/